Our Plan & How to Become a Rep

  • Our Mission


    To supply and support a network of independent Representatives and Distributors to provide wholesome, positive and spiritually nourishing products to help families build a firm foundation for their homes.

    The basic building block of our society is the family.

    Today, the family is under increasing attack. Never before has there been a greater need for wholesome, positive and spiritually nourishing materials such as the products that Living Books offers... carefully selected to help families build a firm foundation for their homes.

    Living Books is an organization committed to making a positive impact on the moral fibre of our nation, one person at a time. Our network of independent Representatives and Distributors is pro-active in getting help and encouragement to those who need it.


     Mom and girl reading




  • Our Vision


    Can you see yourself in a small group in a home setting, sharing how certain books have helped you?

    Many books are placed in Canadian homes through our Home Exhibits.


    Would you enjoy extending the benefits of healthy reading to larger numbers?

    Expand your outreach with book tables at Church and community events, conferences, retreats and more!


    Do you have a desire to see Christian books more available in the secular marketplace?

    You can service Family Reading Centres in Restaurants, Grocery Stores, Pharmacies and other retail outlets.


    How about spreading the word beyond your community?

    You can influence lives across Canada through mail-order and online sales.


    Do you feel a burden for our children and youth?

    Our Get Reading program helps you get books to the students in our schools and homes.


    Do you have the vision to work with a team of professionals, matching books with people's needs?

    Develop your vision with our proven methods and expertise.


    Do you have the creativity to develop new ways to spread the Gospel with Christ-centered books?

    Let's work together!



  • Our Program


    Ask Yourself:

    • Are you a real book lover?
    • Do you have a desire to minister to people's needs?
    • Could you use some extra income?


    We are:

    • A 100% Canadian-owned company
    • Backed by over 30 years of experienced, proven leadership
    • Supplying and supporting a network of independent sellers nationwide.


    Some Opportunities Are:

    • Home Exhibits
    • Trade Shows
    • Conferences
    • Public Libraries
    • Book Racks in stores
    • Retreats
    • Schools
    • Church ministries
    • Loyal customers


    We Provide:

    • A carefully chosen selection of some of the best positive, wholesome Christian books and related products.
    • Catalogues, flyers and promotional materials designed to get results in a variety of settings
    • A community offering support, fellowship and ideas through newsletters, meetings, online forums and, if possible, a personal sponsor to help you get started.
    • Very competitive pricing.
    • Promotions that always create an enthusiastic response.
    • Opportunity for personal, spiritual and financial growth.